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Youth Tarbiyah Conference

Welcome to the Youth Tarbiyah Conference Website. Join us at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto for the 13th annual Tarbiyah Conference as we tackle the theme of “Strengthening the Foundations of Our Identity.” With the ongoing challenges and influences faced by each and every one of us in our day to day lives, we begin to question, who am I? Where am I heading? Who do I belong with? What is my role as a Canadian Muslim? What is my identity? What is the fine line that allows me to balance my religion and the material world of school, home and work?

Come be part of an experience where, you will be empowered with real answers to these pertinent questions, regarding your identity.

Know it.

We will define what “our identity” means in its pluralistic forms.

Love it.

We will examine why we should be proud of our identity.

Live it.

We will discuss how we can strengthen our identity. Practical examples will be taken from the lives of the Prophets and Companions, as well as from our contemporary life.

This is a conference you do not want to miss. The Islamic Foundation of Toronto invites you, to be a part of this exceptional event.


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